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Dublin, Ireland

Immigrating to another country is one of the most serious decisions you can make in a lifetime. When you are facing an Immigration problem, we put you in touch with the top Immigration solicitors in Dublin.

How Immigration Solicitors Dublin Help You

To expedite immigration procedures it is recommended that immigrants coming to Ireland seek legal help from an Irish immigration lawyer who can facilitate the procedures of seeking permanent residence or obtaining Irish Citizenship. The solicitors we connect you with  provide quality legal advice on immigration and EU rights legal matters. Strictly speaking, it’s not entirely necessary to engage a lawyer when applying for immigration. You can choose to go it alone. However, we always advise you do get legal assistance as doing so can help you avoid making mistakes, and very importantly, you can get answers to all your questions from highly qualified professionals who can guide you through a process that can be quite complex. We can guarantee that your application will be processed as quickly as possible and our recommended expert lawyers will ensure that your problem is resolved in a timely manner.

Common Practice Areas for Our Immigration Solicitors

Irish Citizenship

Irish Citizenship

Dublin Work Permit

Work Permit

Baby footprint


dublin Immigrant Investor & Business Permission

Immigrant Investor & Business Permission

EU Treaty Rights

EU Treaty Rights

ireland Family Reunification

Family Reunification

Judicial Issues

Why choose Immigration Solicitors Dublin?

The Dublin immigration lawyers we connect you with are the best in their field because they are very experienced in dealing with all types of immigration issues in every conceivable type of scenario. They have a deep knowledge of all the latest updates and amendments in the immigration law. Since 2007, we have proudly connected immigrants to Ireland with quality immigration legal advice. Our recommended immigration legal experts can assist you in all aspects of immigration law, including appeals, administrative reviews and judicial reviews. They can also assist with issues such as corporate immigration, extradition, sports visas, nationality and other issues. You can depend on receiving friendly and reliable legal assistance from the very best Dublin based immigration lawyers who are accustomed to handling even the toughest, difficult and most demanding cases. Their mission is to attain a solution that is in the client’s best interest.


Our experience lawyer can solve your issue Quickly

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When to call on the services of Immigration Solicitors?

You will certainly want to consult an Irish immigration lawyer who practices immigration law in several cases.

Here is the list of the different reasons to hire an Immigration lawyer Dublin

  • You are unsure of your eligibility or other immigration privileges.
  • You are asking for an arbitrary waiver such as asylum or a waiver that involves persuading the immigration lawyer Dublin to make an exception on your case.
  • You need an urgent consultation on an immigration issue.
  • Deportation or withdrawal procedures are instituted against you.
  • You have already been expelled from the country and wish to make a special request to return.
  • You have applied for immigration that you have been refused.
  • You have been convicted of a criminal offense, you have committed a criminal offense, and you are trying to enter a new country.
  • You are seeking an Irish work permit and your future employer has not provided you with any information or assistance regarding your entry and establishment.
  • You have already taken a look at the application process and dread not to do it without help.

Immigration Solicitors Dublin is here to help you choose the best option available to you depending on your own unique situation. You get the assistance and advice needed in order to evaluate all the possibilities open to you and ultimately achieve the best possible outcome.