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EU Treaty Rights Simplified

EU Treaty Rights are rights for the citizens of the European Union. Treaty rights are also granted to members of the European Economic Area (EEA) as well as Ireland.

Frequently, people asked questions about EU Treaty Rights to us to get the clear knowledge. So, Immigration Solicitors Dublin is here for you to give you all the answers of your FAQ.

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The Common FAQs with Answers about EU Treaty Rights

What application form should I use?

It is the most common and the very first question that comes from people’s mind. Well, there are 5 application form. They are, EU 1, EU 2, EU 3, EU 4, EU 5.

while applying, you have to go through all the application types including EU1A 9 (another version of EU 1) and choose the one that suits with you.

Should I apply for a Residence Card as a qualifying family member?

You can apply as a qualifying family member on form EU 1 if you are, the spouse or a direct descendant or a dependent direct relative of an EU citizen.

Do I need to make applications for my children as well?

An EU citizen with non-EEA national minor children (children under the age of 16) intends residing in the State with the children for longer than 3 months, an application on Form EU1 should be submitted on behalf of each child for permission to reside in the State as a family member of an EU citizen.

How long does it take for my decision to be made?

Because of the high volume of applications, it may take up to 6 months for a decision to be made. To inform you of the decision a letter will be issued by the section.

When can I get my passport or other documents back?

According to the new rules, you are advised to submit only the photocopies of all documents. And obviously, you are not going to get back the photocopies.

Can I get permission to stay while my application is being processed?

When your initial application with the documents received, you may be provided with an immigration stamp in your passport which is valid for the period of the application process only. It may be a maximum of 6 months.

Can my case be prioritized?

Applications are usually processed in chronological order of receipt and individual cases cannot be prioritized.

How can I find out the status of my application?

To request an update, you can simply email the section quoting your Application ID number and your INIS Person ID.

I made my application through a solicitor, can you give me an update?

If your application was made through a solicitor, you should contact them to find out the status of your application.

Where do I send my completed application to?

EU Treaty Rights Unit

Residence Division

Irish Naturalization & Immigration Service

13/14 Burgh Quay

Dublin 2

D02 XK70

These are most common frequently asked questions and answers about EU Treaty Rights. Hope this content is helpful for you to get a clear conception about EU Treaty Rights.

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